Monday, May 16, 2016

Recent Work

Upon completing my MFA at the end of 2010, I found myself without a studio to work in and lacking many of the tools and pieces of equipment I had grown accustomed to using in the creation of my work. After a summer of working at a children's summer camp in Maine teaching jewelry and metalsmithing, I moved into an apartment with my wife and took a full-time position as a bench jeweler. Two years later, we bought a house, and the reality of managing a full-time job, working on constant home improvements and repairs, trying to set up a studio, and somehow have the motivation to create new work set in. Tools can be purchased, machines can be found on Craigslist and refinished, and studio time can be carved out of seemingly insignificant periods of stagnation between responsibilities, but the most difficult aspect of restarting my creative practice has been the lack of community and interaction with other artists and makers. I have been steadily working to remedy this over the past 5 years by completing new pieces and entering shows and exhibitions as often as I can.

This is a selection of the work I have completed post-MFA, including new pieces, pieces that were reworked to have a more successful resolution, units and castings that were started in school but never finished, and commission work. Overall, I have been working on achieving a higher level of resolution and refinement, with all the elements of a piece addressed and considered, including the method of presentation and display, durability of the connection and joining methods, and the longevity of the patinea and finish. Future posts will explore individual pieces and their process in greater depth.

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