Monday, October 10, 2016

2016 Tr-State Sculptors Conference Iron Pour

This past weekend I attended the 38th Annual Tri-State Sculptors Conference in Seagrove, Asheboro, and Star, NC. The conference was a collection of excellent presentations, gallery openings, lectures, and demonstrations. The conference concluded on Saturday night with an iron pour put on by Liberty Arts from Durham, NC, which I participated in.

Iron pours require days of preparation and planning to execute, from making molds to weighing out and sorting the iron and fuel needed, and running the cupola furnace, which is a team effort and requires careful attention to detail and teamwork.

The molds I created for the iron pour and the resulting castings that were created will be featured in a later post. Below are some images of the actual iron-casting process as I (on the right in the fireman's protective helmet and jacket) poured my two reaction molds with my former sculpture professor from East Carolina University, Carl Billingsley (on the left wearing leather protective gear), and the rest of the excellent pour team guiding us and protecting us from excess heat and flare-ups with shovels.

Check out Tri-State Sculptors and Liberty Arts:

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