Sunday, June 12, 2016

Bench Repair, Custom Design, and Stone-Setting

As a full-time bench jeweler, I have had the opportunity to learn new skills and work with different techniques over the past few years. While not the same as my personal creative works, the repairs, stone-settings, and custom designs shown in these pictures are equally challenging and have forced me to be a better jeweler and designer. Some of the custom designs are fabricated from scratch, some use pre-made heads and settings, while others were designed, 3D printed, and cast. Please excuse the poor photography, these were taken at the bench with my phone on the rare occasions that I wasn't so busy and focused on getting jobs completed and delivered to customers that I forgot to document my work. (I suggest clicking on the photos to enter a slideshow for a larger, clearer view of the details.)

Custom Design / Production



 Stone-Setting / Repair




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